Frequently Asked Questions:

I received one product, but not the others, why didn't I receive the others?

Our posters are fulfilled by Amazon as they have an awesome fulfillment system. But, they have 100's of warehouses across the USA. So, our posters are in 100's of locations. Due to distance, inventory, etc our products may arrive at different times if you order more than one. Please give it a few more days and they will arrive. If they don't, contact us and we'll take care of it.

Does the RV Magnet Map stick to all RVs?
No, some RVs/trucks are aluminum. We suggest testing the surface with a kitchen magnet. If the surface is not magnetic we recommend purchasing one of our sticker maps instead. 

What type of wood are the ABC Blocks made from?
Pine Wood

How long does it take to get my order?
Delivery usually takes 3-5 days. Large orders may take an extra day or two. 

Do you ship/post internationally?
No, most international shipping simply costs far too much to ship internationally.

Do you offer any other posters than what is on your site?
All our current products are in our store and/or on Amazon.com. We launch them on Amazon first & then shortly after we put them in our store. If we are busy, there can be a delay getting them to Oaktown Supply. We have many new products in the works. 

Will you sell products to Public Schools & Universities?
Yes, of course. Contact us through the contact page if you need a PO or have any specific questions.

Do you give discounts or free products in exchange for reviews?
No. We are only seeking non-solicited reviews at this time.

Do you give products away for my special causes, volunteer work, poor college student etc?
We do not as we find it is difficult to determine over the internet if it is a legit need or not. We prefer to give to causes of our choosing. 

How can I get in contact with your vendor?
It is against company policy to share our vendor contact information.

Where can I find more information about the images on the maps? 
At the request of our well-traveled, adventurous, road-tripping customers, we have made a list of the landmarks depicted for each state/territory. If the state’s/territory's image doesn’t show one particular destination, we’ve listed some information about that state/territory instead.  Happy travels!