Review of the Most Popular RV State Sticker Travel Maps of the United States (USA)

This is a review of the most popular RV State Sticker products for sale on I purchased them all to review and help buyers make informed decisions by sharing a comparison of them all. There is a ton of misinformation online, and online listings can easily misrepresent a product through Photoshopping imagery and embellishing the truth. Also, people can write online reviews without actually purchasing or using the items (you can tell when the reviews use images found in the products’ online listings) .

After receiving all these items, I physically opened and tried each one. That is how I can show information you may not see in the products’ online listings.

In summary, SEE MANY PLACES Premium Illustrated RV map is the best quality. It doesn’t fade, and it sticks well. It’s the largest of all the maps out there, and it is nicely packaged for gift-giving.


#1 Choice - Rating: 5 Stars

See Many Places Illustrated States - $22.97 
Illustrations of State Landmarks

Review of See Many Places RV Sticker Map



HIGHEST QUALITY. BEST LOOKING. LARGEST SIZE. DEFINITE BUY. This sturdy, beautifully illustrated, fun travel map comes in two sheets and is a good way for tracking your travels. It costs a little more, but they give you a lot for this premium RV map. Each state depicts a nicely illustrated point of interest. The thick vinyl base has good solid lines to use as a guide as you’re applying the colorful states.

Size: 21" x 14.5" (20” x 13.5" once you remove the large background sheet from the sticker holder). The largest.

-All states are pictured, with vivid, colorful graphics for most (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland are too small in scale to accommodate an illustration)

-Thick black borders on the background make installation easy

-Highly detailed illustrations

-Large dimensions look better on your premium RV

-Lovely packaging makes it a great gift

-Made in the USA

-Manufactured by a family-owned vinyl sticker company that makes decals for off-road performance parts.

-Comes with well thought-out, detailed instructions for easy installation

Reviews on Amazon:

-It is 87% 5 stars on Amazon. No one else comes close.

-One customer said, “Excited to start using them!”

-Very few complaints; most customers just preferred a different image for their state.



#2 Choice - Rating: 4 Stars
CCI 100 Permanent State Sticker - $21.86 
-State License Plate Graphics

review of cci rv state sticker travel map


A CLASSIC CHOICE. It’s a time-tested classic. Very few quality complaints. Amazon is personally stocking it, so it is a solid item. A little dated-looking, but if you like it, it’s a well-packaged  product at a good size. It is not selling as well as it used to. (I think this is because it used to be the only option, but it’s not anymore, and its sellers aren’t advertising it like the new sellers.) This is the map my parents got for their RV when they retired. One note: Alaska is out of proportion (it’s far too small) and that does bother some customers.

-The original RV sticker map

-Typed installation instructions

-Large size

-Packaged safely for shipping & good for gift-giving

-License plate art is now dated

-Few quality complaints

Art: CCI State Stickers are license plate designs from the license plates each state had on them, perhaps 15+ years ago when states kept the same designs for a long time. The printing shows some screening on the graphics. The black outline is on clear vinyl but the stickers are printed on white, and on what seems to be a different material.

Size: 20.5" x 14" (17.5” x 11" once you remove the large background sheet from the sticker holder)

Packaging: This is packaged flat with a nice (although dated) cover sheet. It has a cardboard backer to protect it as well.

Reviews on Amazon:

-There are a few complaints about it wrinkling over time.

-The states seem to be printed on a white sticker that doesn’t seem to be as good as the clear vinyl backing. You can see the white on the edges where they are cut.

-Stickers that have 10 years of dates on them only go to 2013. This tells me the product is probably a tad old.




3rd Choice - Rating: 3 Stars
Lush Leaf Designs Stickers - $19.99
-State Flags Design
-License Plate Design
-Clipart Designs

review of lush leaf designs rv state sticker travel map



A BIT SMALL. 6 AMAZON REVIEWS SAY IT DOESN'T STICK. BORDERS UNEVEN AFTER INSTALL. OTHERWISE FINE. With so many reviewers on Amazon complaining it doesn’t stick and isn’t cut out well, I wouldn’t buy it, even if their customer service is great. Lush Leaf designs has several designs. The state flag option is their best seller and it might be their best looking. The borders don't look perfectly even after installation; I don't think their borders are perfect. In the illustrated version, the art looks like clip art. It's a bit amateurish and the contrast of the art and color is very flat. When put together, it actually looks a little monotone and you don't get a lot of variation between states. The art for the license plates is inconsistently treated. Some are 3D, while some have strokes around them. When I applied the stickers, there were no white gaps, but there were more uneven spaces than I expected between the states. Otherwise, application went fine. Also, they just stuck the stickers in a bag. You don't have a great idea of what it is when you get it, and the packaging is not well set up for gift-giving.

-Small size, about 60% of others. You get what you pay for.

-Uneven borders after application

-Illustrations are a little amateurish

-Many complaints about warping and not sticking

-Lack of consumer packaging. Not good for gift-giving.

-Tiny installation instructions. Less than 4" x 4" in size.

-Made in the USA

-Range of different types of art

Size: The package is 17” x 11” but there about an inch and a half lost on the edges. So when you remove the backer sticker, you are looking at 15.5” x 9.5”. If your RV is big (as most are), this map will look small.

Packaging: Flat, which is good for the sticker. No warping. Thin cardboard backing with plastic wrap. But the separated stickers are just out there. If you gave this to your mom for Christmas, the packaging wouldn’t sell it well.

Reviews on Amazon:

-There are numerous complaints about it not sticking.

-Does not hold up to weather

-Some customers complain the state shapes were not thoroughly cut--they had to cut them out themselves with scissors.  

-Stickers tend to warp



4th Choice - Rating: 2 Stars
AAQ State Stickers - $17.99
-State Flags


AAQ State Sticker Map


DO NOT BUY. Again, cheap stickers made in China that fade in short order. The stickers are quite thin and can tear. The thin lines make it impossible to line up the states with the black outline. The distortion from being rolled to ship in their tube adds to the problem. The stickers, after being rolled, leave long bubbles in the direction it was rolled, even after you flatten them. Landmarks aren’t well researched--just as one example, people don’t road trip to see the Mall of America, which is what they used for Minnesota. The state flags look a little fuzzy on close inspection, and their colors faded fast.

-Made in China

-Plain white on the outside of packaging. Bad for gift-giving; recipients won’t know what it is!

-Tube packaging, which caused air bubbles in stickers, warped stickers and made application difficult. Being rolled also causes long creases in the rolled direction.

-Thin lines make perfect application impossible. There will be white spaces between your states.

Size: 22" x 14", but again, there is nearly 2” of sticker backing edge so the overall sticker is 3” less wide. More like 19” x 13”.

Reviews on Amazon:

-Faded quickly, with tons of faded photos to prove it

-Cheap stickers, fading looks terrible

-Sticker is not vinyl and immediately started coming off in places




Last Choice - Rating: 2 Stars
Everstrong RV State Stickers - $16.99 

-Colorful Graphics Option
-Photos of States

Everstrong RV Sticker Review



The clear vinyl is super thin. Since it has sharp corner intersections in the die (other products don't have sharp transitions in the big background sticker), I actually tore the sticker by Michigan where there was a super sharp corner in the die. The tubed packaging might save them shipping cost, but it warps the sticker, leaving long bubble creases.The photo options are just stock images of items, one per state. There are way too many capitol buildings and statues on states. That sounds like a boring road trip to me. Minnesota is just a dirt road and some trees. The graphics version is colorful, but the state of Washington shows the U.S. Capitol. (I suspect this product is made by a foreigner who doesn’t realize Washington State and Washington, D.C. are two different places.)The colors fade in months. You get what you pay for, and this one is the cheapest price and the lowest quality.

-Comes in a plain white tube; you can’t tell what is inside from its packaging

-Made in China

-Poor packaging (rolled in tube). It comes rolled up, making installation difficult, as it warps the sticker and causes kinks.

-Thin clear vinyl tears easily.

-Doesn’t last, fades in a couple months.

-Thin black borders make it hard to apply stickers without a white space. Big gaps look bad.

Size: 21" x 15" but again, there is nearly 2” of sticker backing edge so your overall sticker is 2” less wide. More like 19” x 14”.

Reviews on Amazon:

-Faded quickly

-Poorly cut and constructed

-Not UV protected

-“This has been on the RV for about 6 months and it has worn terribly.”

-It comes rolled up making the install difficult as it warps the sticker. This causes kinks.

-Cheap to buy but also cheap looking.